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The JOSERA Vitablock contains vitamins as well as highly available minerals including salt and trace elements.
It can be offered to cows in the barn and on pasture as an additional source of vitamins and minerals. The broad calcium-phosphorous ratio in the Vitablock helps compensate for excess phosphorous in other ration components.
Due to the unique composition of the JOSERA Vitablock with palatable herbs and glucose, the product is readily consumed and promotes the appetite of your cows. Thanks to the innovative aroma protection film, the salt lick is protected against external influences and always stays fresh.

Net weight: 10 kg


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ensures economic success through a customised supply of minerals and active ingredients (vitamins, trace elements, rumen-protected selenium ...)
  • Readily consumed: palatable herbs and glucose promote appetite
  • Modern mineral supply concept, since the JOSERA Vitablock is a unique product in the market
  • Always stays fresh, aroma protection film guards against external influences

The JOSERA Vitablock is suitable for use in pasturing with normal to high intensity grassland management and a low to moderate clover and herb content in the meadow/pasture vegetation.
The salt lick can be made available to the animals free choice up to 1% of the daily ration.

Dairy cows: 100 - 200 g
Young cattle: 60 - 120 g

The product contains copper and may not be fed to sheep.

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